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Here are the latest news from the server, and you can comment.
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Feel free to say what you think about your enemy.
1 1 08.11.20 06:26:14
by Bobeq
Talk to others about the missions you have done and how to do them.
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Show others your best pictures from the server!
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Report Bugs
Report bugs on the website and in the game here.
6 5 05.11.20 02:38:29
by Rainbow Arrow
This board is all about events. Here you can advertise your events across the server to find more attendees or exchange ideas on how to better organize events.
2 2 19.11.20 13:46:38
by Bobeq
Real Life
Everything about your private interests that has nothing to do with Tibia.
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1 - For Sale
   Level: (971)
   Elite Knight
2 - Neto Atentado
   Level: (854)
   Elite Knight
3 - Borginho
   Level: (840)
   Master Sorcerer
4 - Th Th
   Level: (826)
   Master Sorcerer
5 - Bada Bing
   Level: (822)
   Royal Paladin

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