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Boosted Creature

To prevent the same types of creatures from being hunted and eventually exterminated, the boosted creature was created. Every day you choose a creature that is most rewarding during this day.


→ The creature earns more experience points (double the normal).

→ The creature has a 2x increased loot rate (getting 6x).

Good hunt!

Boosted Creature: Warlock

History of the boosted monsters
Outfit Monster Day

Warlock 4/12/2020
Dark Torturer 3/12/2020
Minotaur Amazon 2/12/2020
Blightwalker 1/12/2020
Juggernaut 30/11/2020
Destroyer 29/11/2020
Priestess Of The Wild Sun 28/11/2020
Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal

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Top 5 Experience

1 - For Sale
   Level: (971)
   Elite Knight
2 - Neto Atentado
   Level: (854)
   Elite Knight
3 - Borginho
   Level: (840)
   Master Sorcerer
4 - Th Th
   Level: (826)
   Master Sorcerer
5 - Bada Bing
   Level: (822)
   Royal Paladin